Hotel Channel Manager

Hotel Channel Manager

Hotel Channel Manager

What is Hotel Channel Manager?

Hotel Channel Manager is software that allows hotel owners to manage hotel room availability and rates across all the connected online distribution channels and sell rooms online from one place.

Hotel Channel Manager connects hotel inventory to various online distribution channels such as Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Global Distribution System (GDS), Hotel Websites, Retail Travel Agents and Metasearch Engines such as Google to maximize visibility of hotel rooms and increase direct hotel bookings.

Hotel Channel Manager automatically updates the hotel room availability and price rates across all the connected channels when a guest makes booking from any website thus reducing the risk of overbookings.

In the digital age, all travellers prefer to make online bookings thus increasing the demand of Online Travel Agents such as Expedia and

If you're a hotel provider, you want to maximize your hotel bookings by distributing your rooms through the multiple online travel agents (OTAs). But managing availability and rates across numerous channels manually can be a difficult process, at this time; Hotel Channel Manager is the right solution for your business.

Hotel Channel Manager enables hotel operators to get access to the real-time rates and availability of hotel rooms in one platform without the need of accessing several extranets separately.

It comes with the advanced functionality of multiple channel integration, dynamic hotel inventory distribution, real-time availability and rates update, two-way integration, hotel booking audit in real-time, price parity and sell rooms across multiple online booking sites (channels) simultaneously.

By integrating a Hotel Channel Manager, hotel owners can easily get their hotel room availability and rates listed across multiple Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and expand hotel visibility online.

Technoheaven is a leading Travel Software Development Company that integrates the best Hotel Channel Managers for hotel operators to help them sell hotel rooms via online distribution channels and increase hotel bookings.

Hotel Channel Manager Integration via Technoheaven enables hotel operators to automate and update the hotel availability and rates in real-time and share reservation information with your property management system.

With the help of Hotel Channel Manager, hotel inventory is automatically updated across all the connected channels, including Expedia and Agoda once the booking is made through the hotel website or booking channel.

Let’s check out Key Features and Benefits of Hotel Channel Manager;

Which are Key Features of Hotel Channel Manager?

Features of Hotel Channel Manager:

Allows Hotels To Maximize Hotel Booking With Different Channel

Ability To Manage Prices Of Various Hotels On Multiple Channel

Two-Way Integration

Dynamic hotel inventory management

Automation of Hotel Operations

Multiple Channel Integration

Live Update of Hotel Inventory & Rates

Simplify Inventory Distribution Process

Audit Hotel Bookings in Real Time

Price Parity

How Hotel Channel Manager is Beneficial for Hotel Business?

Benefits of hotel channel manager:

Real-time Hotel Inventory:

Update hotel room inventories and rates in real time across all OTAs.

Hotel Bookings Management:

Get summary of all confirmed & cancelled hotel bookings from multiple OTAs in one place.

Advance Price Rate Planning:

Best hotel channel manager with best revenue strategy to manage different season hotel rates.

Avoid Double-bookings:

The booking agents and hotel guests can check the hotel room availability in real time using hotel channel manager, thus eliminating possibility of double booking for hotel rooms.

Greater Online Visibility:

Hotel channel manager allows hoteliers to update hotel inventory on major OTAs and booking channel thus increasing online visibility in worldwide market and boosting hotel revenues.

Connect with multiple channels:

With this hotel channel management software, hotels can directly connect with Online Travel Agencies, Retail Travel Agencies and Global Distribution Systems in worldwide.

Our professional team has expertise in Hotel Channel Manager Integration by connecting multiple Hotel Channel Managers for Hotels.

Technoheaven is connected to the industry-leading Hotel Channel Managers such as Siteminder Channel Manager, Rategain Channel Manager, Phobs Channel Manager, Derbysoft Channel Manager, RateTiger Channel Manager and more.

Which Hotel Channel Managers are connected with Technoheaven?

  • Rategain Channel Manager

  • Phobs Channel Manager

  • Derbysoft Channel Manager

  • Siteminder Channel Manager

Rategain Channel Manager:

  • Technoheaven provides the best Channel Manager Integration with Rategain Channel Manager.

  • Rategain Channel Manager helps in automatically updating rates and availability of hotel room across multiple OTAs without having to manually log into each channel.

  • It provides high-performance technology for hotel industry

Phobs Channel Manager

  • Technoheaven provides the best Channel Manager Integration with Phobs Channel Manager.

  • To provide the hospitality industry with a responsive, adaptive, and high-end performance solution, Technoheaven has integrated with PHOBS Channel Manager.

  • Our integration with PHOBS Channel Manager makes it simpler for travel businesses to manage availability and rates on all online travel agency platforms.

Derbysoft Channel Manager

  • Technoheaven provides the best Channel Manager Integration with DerbySoft Channel Manager.

  • DerbySoft Channel Manager establishes and maintains connectivity between OTA platforms all over the world and the central reservation system of Hotel Company.

  • The integration of Technoheaven with DerbySoft Channel Manager provides connectivity between major online travel agencies (OTAs) and international tour operators.

Siteminder Channel Manager

  • Technoheaven provides the best Channel Manager Integration with Siteminder Channel Manager.

  • SiteMinder Channel Manager is a great platform to integrate with the world's top hotel booking engines, updates room availability and rates in real-time, allowing hotels to broaden their reach in the international travel market.

  • SiteMinder Channel Manager is designed to connect major international Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) with travel agency websites to provide them with access to a wider audience in the global travel market.

  • To maximize visibility on the most popular booking websites, sell more rooms online, and increase profitability, Siteminder Channel Manager enables hotels to update their inventory and prices in real-time across all of these online channels.

Increase your revenue streams and brand recognition in the global travel market by integrating the Hotel Channel Manager into the existing system via Technoheaven.

This Hotel Channel Manager video will give you insights about- What is a Hotel Channel Manager, Which are the key features of hotel channel manager and how hotel channel manager is beneficial for the hotel business,