Hotel Channel Manager

Hotel Channel Manager

Hotel Channel Manager

Hotel Channel Manager is a system for hotels that completely automate hotel inventory management (availability and rates of hotel) across major OTAs in real time. It allows hotel to sell rooms online, also this channel manager system solving the issues of overbookings and price parity.

In hotel industry, they expect hotel manager to find best solutions for more hotel bookings and generate revenue. At the time, hotel channel manager system is the best solution for hotelier.

So let’s find out why do hotel need hotel channel manager, which are the best hotel channel manager features, how it works and what are the key benefits for that.

So let’s have a look

Why do Hotel Need Hotel Channel Manager?

Hotel Channel Manager is a system for all hotels to sell hotel inventory across multiple channels in the world. It is best system for hotels that update availability and rates of hotel across major OTAs to manage hotel booking easily. It also reduces the chance of overbookings and price parity issues.

Now let’s see

which are the best features of hotel channel manager?

Here is the list of features of hotel channel manager which we recommend you today.

Features of Hotel Channel Manager:

Allows Hotels To Maximize Hotel Booking With Different Channel

Ability To Manage Prices Of Various Hotels On Multiple Channel

Two-Way Integration

Dynamic hotel inventory management

Automation of Hotel Operations

Multiple Channel Integration

Live Update of Hotel Inventory & Rates

Simplify Inventory Distribution Process

Audit Hotel Bookings in Real Time

Price Parity

How hotel channel manager work?

Hotel Channel Manager is system that helps hotels to update availability and rates for hotels across multiple OTAs and allowing hotel to sell rooms online for greater visibility of hotel inventory to increase revenues.

Now let’s check out

What are hotel channel manager benefits?

Here is the List of hotel channel manager benefits for hotel industry professionals.

  • Allows hotel to connect with major OTAs.

  • Maintain connection with PMS/Booking engine to provide accurate data for hotels.

  • Update hotel availability & prices in Real Time.

  • Provides Pooled Inventory feature to manage different season rates.

  • Manage hotel bookings in real time across all OTAs.

  • It Reduces Errors, so no chance of overbookings.

  • Eliminates possibility of double booking for hotel rooms.

  • Reduces time.

  • Greater brand visibility in global market.

  • Increases productivity and boost revenues.

Benefits of hotel channel manager:

Real-time Hotel Inventory:

Update hotel room inventories and rates in real time across all OTAs.

Hotel Bookings Management:

Get summary of all confirmed & cancelled hotel bookings from multiple OTAs in one place.

Advance Price Rate Planning:

Best hotel channel manager with best revenue strategy to manage different season hotel rates.

Avoid Double-bookings:

The booking agents and hotel guests can check the hotel room availability in real time using hotel channel manager, thus eliminating possibility of double booking for hotel rooms.

Greater Online Visibility:

Hotel channel manager allows hoteliers to update hotel inventory on major OTAs and booking channel thus increasing online visibility in worldwide market and boosting hotel revenues.

Connect with multiple channels:

With this hotel channel management software, hotels can directly connect with Online Travel Agencies, Retail Travel Agencies and Global Distribution Systems in worldwide.

Technoheaven is connected with best channel managers listed below to help you find perfect software application for your Hotel.

Here is the list of the Best Channel Managers:

  • Rategain Channel Manager

  • Phobs Channel Manager

  • Derbysoft Channel Manager

  • Siteminder Channel Manager

So, let’s discuss these channel managers in detail:

Rategain Channel Manager:

  • Technoheaven Travel Technology Company integrated with Rategain Channel Manager.

  • Rategain hotel channel manager helps hotels in efficiently managing the online distribution process through many channels.

  • It offers high-performance system for hotel industry professionals.

Phobs Channel Manager

  • Technoheaven Travel Technology Company integrated with PHOBS Channel Manager.

  • PHOBS Channel Manager provides travel agencies with benefit of greater online visibility to increase their reach in global market.

  • It provides hospitality professionals with responsive and high-end performance system.

Derbysoft Channel Manager

  • Technoheaven Travel Technology Company integrated with DerbySoft Channel Manager.

  • DerbySoft Channel Manager integrates with major OTAs, wholesalers, metasearch engines and world largest tour operators.

  • This Channel Manager plays key role in managing connectivity between Hotel and major OTAs.

Siteminder Channel Manager

  • Technoheaven Travel Technology Company integrates with SiteMinder Channel Manager.

  • SiteMinder Channel Manager is world’s top hotel channel manager offers best channel management solution for hotels to simplify hotel inventory management process.

  • It is integrated with online channels such as OTAs, Wholesalers, Global distribution systems and Internet booking engines.

  • It also allows hotels to update inventory and prices in real-time across these online channels to increase visibility in top booking sites to sell rooms online and increase profitability.

Integrate technoheaven hotel channel manager in your business models and grow your revenue streams and brand visibility in travel market worldwide.

This video will give you insights about- What is Hotel Channel Manager, Why do you need hotel channel manager, what are benefits and features of hotel channel manager, what os role of hotel channel manager and how it works in hotel industry.

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