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Hotel API Integrations

With Technoheaven’s XML API, B2B and B2C websites can create a powerful online booking system. After all, it comes with options that help for integration of multiple hotel XMLs including DOTW, Hotelbeds and Hotelspro, thus providing your visitors with access to global hotel inventories.

Tour API Integrations

Utilizing Our XML API, tour and travel companies – let it be B2B or B2C – can connect their web pages to our’s systems via Rayna Tours, GTA Transfers, and GTA Tours. While it allows B2B websites as well as their clients to view reports & check booking, cancellation and invoicing details.

Payment Gateway Integration

Technoheaven’s XML API enables to integrate Payment Getaway application with clients’ websites and online portals to manage payments and process credit cards in a simple yet safe manner.

Our XML API Integration has following features:

  • Easy Connectivity
  • 24x7 Bookings Worldwide
  • B2B and B2C Online Reservation Engine
  • Integrated Backoffice system
  • Payment Gateway
  • Seamless integration with third party applications
  • No pricey investment needed
  • Access to remote database
  • Access to client information
  • Easy retrieval of product info with description & pricing
  • Convenient tracking of order info, billing, & shipping details
  • Eliminate unwanted expenses
  • Easy to amend and update content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Security protection
  • Less chance for human errors
  • Enhanced sales and productivity
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