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Our Success Stories

As a Travel Technology company with extensive experience and a proven track record of Client Success, we provide turnkey solutions to assure you of exceptional product delivery while taking care of the varied facets of your project - from its analysis, design and development to distribution, management, and on-going support.

We are specialized in Travel Domain, Whether you are looking for B2B Solution, B2C Solution, DMC Solution, Tour Operator System with Extranet System, Strong Hotel Contracting System with Extranet Solution, Mobile application, Trip Coordinator, GDS Supplier Integrations, etc.

A) Operational challenges Our Client had before having a Reservation system with Latest Technology
  • Absence of streamlines revenue management strategy
  • Lack of real time competitive data
  • Trouble managing dates multiple times a day
  • No real time tracking of reviews and ratings
  • Inability to address daily revenue linked decision and processes
  • Inability to focus on core business function (selling)
  • Lack of occupancy Data.

B) Benefits derived Our Client After having a Reservation system with Latest Technology.
  • Positioned the property strategically among comp-set in terms of pricing.
  • Saved time and effort with competitive price intelligence tool like booking tally module helps save cost and time.
  • Managed rates multiple times in a day with occupancy forecast feature.
  • Delivered Real time price recommendation and competitor data.
  • Rendered easy data analytics to focus on core business functions.
  • Effective online reputation management.
Success Stories is the first online business-to-business (B2B) marketplace for travel purchasers set up in 2017 by the BedLinker company.

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TravelBullz is wholesale booking engine with latest technology platform and user-friendly interface founded in August 2010.

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beriim is the largest online platform for information about traveling to iran, and for booking of tours, accommodation packages

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Established in 2009, Rayna tours is a top Destination Management Company, licensed by DTCM with its main headquarters in Dubai.

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Rayna Tours and Travels is a DTCM-licensed, top-tier Destination Management Company (DMC). It was established in 2006 with its headquarters

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BedAllocator is a brilliant technology solution for hotels to handle their B2B distribution network efficiently at an economical price.

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Gujju Tours

Gujju Tours is the best Holiday Planner in Ahmedabad, providing a wide assortment of customized tours and packages

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