Hotel Contracting

Hotel Contracting System


We have developed a strong hotel contracting system where travel agency can efficiently manage hotels and their information. Hotel contracting system is an advanced platform to upload all the information about hotels. In technology terms, one hotel is shown on many online booking engines either through offline contracting or through XML/API integration.

Each hotel needs to provide every kind of information to travel agency, in order to be shown on their respective online booking engines. Such information contains – allocation of rooms, types of rooms, meals, occupancy, rates for various types of rooms, offers and promotions, rates for peak seasons and low seasons, facilities included and excluded, extra beds, cancellation policies, children policies, special events’ rates etc. Managing the inventories of various hotels and their rates according to special events and seasons is a challenging task which requires an efficient and flawless system.

We have developed a full-fledged module for hotel contracting which allows hotels to provide even small details, so that your customers or agents will be able to check even minor details, ultimately guiding them for selection of hotels.


  • Competent management system even for complex hotel contracting
  • Support for the management of rate updates from all your contracted hotels
  • Comprehensive platform to enter your hotel contracts in order to fulfill your end users’ buying needs

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