Flight NDC

Flight NDC

Flight NDC

Flight NDC (New Distribution Capability) :

NDC is an XML-based data transmission standard developed by IATA to enable direct connectivity between airlines and third party travel suppliers to streamline airline distribution and merchandising.

NDC improve communications for travel agent and airlines, where airline can show their Flight NDC Content and sell Flight Services like Wi-Fi, food, legroom, entertainment along with other services like lounge, porter, taxi, hotel on travel agent portal itself. So Additionally, NDC is a communication Protocol.

So, NDC is a Protocol which uses XML and set of API to get Flight Content and sell directly to online travel agency, GDSs and Travel Management Company.

Airline gets some basic data about their customer because OTAs and GDSs get that customer data and become middlemen of their conversion. NDC is providing a direct customer data to airlines.

Many Airlines use PSS System (passenger service systems) which contains reservation info, fares, and schedule to display availability of flight but because of some restrictions PSS System performance is very poor. At that time Flight NDC play a major role for airlines, it save present data to PSS databases using flight interface.

Technoheaven is connected with Flight NDC content. Our team of professionals have expertise in integrating Flight NDC technology into the airline’s IT infrastructure. Also we collect all Flight NDC content in a single place and distribute it across the systems via XML API. We provide best Flight NDC Integration for airlines.

This Flight NDC enables online travel agency to access personalized airline products and services. Integrating Flight NDC in online travel portal of airlines will help in reducing flight distribution costs and generating new revenue streams for business.

We're extending our expertise in Flight NDC Integration for distribution of NDC Flight Content. We deliver all flight content via Flight NDC API. We provide connection of flight NDC for travel agent to earn more NDC-style flight bookings with best Flight NDC Content. This includes ancillary services like seat upgrade, transfers, hotels and more to provide customers with best options.

We provide best Flight NDC content for airline carrier. We provide dynamic packages like Flight + Holiday, Flight + Hotel and more to help their customers plan an ideal vacation.

Do you want to know which are the best Flight NDC Benefits?

There are many benefits of Flight NDC

  • Build strong connection between airline and travel agent.
  • Get real-time data from airline.
  • Select seat availability and prices.
  • Sell flight services like Wi-Fi, food, entertainment, etc.
  • Flight Fare is visible anywhere, anytime!
  • High productivity & increase revenues.
  • Multiple payment gateway integration.