Taiba Flocks XML Out

Taiba Flocks XML Out

Taiba Flocks XML Out

Taiba Flocks is a leading Travel Agency set up in the year 2008. It is mainly based in the two countries namely Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Taiba Flocks is a privately held company headquartered in Saudi Arabia. Taiba Flocks is a specialized agency dealing with all types of travel and tourism business including travel agencies, airlines, etc. in both Saudi Arabia and International countries.

Taiba Flocks offers a wide array of high end services such as Flights, Hotels, Cars, Insurance, Transfer, Activities and best itineraries to make their customer’s trip memorable.

Taiba Flocks is the TPConnects’ General Sales Agent in Egypt and Saudi Arabia with the size of 11 to 50 employees.

TPConnects and Taiba Flocks are launching Taiba Connect to enable travel agents to go online. TAIBA CONNECT is an inceptive introduced in Saudi Arabia and Egypt for digital empowerment.

Taiba Flocks XML Out

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