Restel XML Integration

Restel XML Integration

Restel XML Integration

Restel XML Integration was founded in 1982; Restel XML Integration is one of the biggest overall hotel reservation centers. Incorporated in the Touristic Area of the Grupo Hotusa, the Company markets more than 200.000 foundations all around the globe and achieved a turnover of more than 315M euros in 2015.

Restel XML Supplier has a broad experience of market and is available today in 175 countries and more than 10 000 destinations, enabling the organization to offer an extensive variety of autonomous hotels and also chain hotels guaranteeing the reliability and quality of these ones.

Restel XML Integration advanced technology ensures an access to its portfolio with constant avaibility. Regardless of whether through it’s extranet for experts or its API, the organization gives services to in excess of 1000 distributors; from online office to overall tour operators.

As of now, Restel XML Integration has central station in Madrid and reinforces its international presence with workplaces in Barcelona, Rome, Naples, Milan, Lisbon, Oporto, Paris, Lyon, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Mexico City, Cancun, Bangkok and Singapore. A wide system that makes Restel XML Supplier one of the significant organizations of the travel industry.

Inside Grupo Hotusa, Restel XML Integration plays a highly strategic role being a key player in the distribution structure of the Hotusa Hotels and Keytel related hotels the world’s driving hotels representation companies.

Restel XML Integration

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