Quantum XML Integration

Quantum XML Integration

Quantum XML Integration

Quantum XML Integration offers the worldwide reservation services, and all corresponding land arrangements exclusively to a worldwide network of travel agents and associations. Quantum XML Integration does not allocate with single passengers or corporations directly.

Quantum XML Integration is a strong B2B wholesaler that is conduct to deliver all land services to travel agency around the world. Quantum was founded in 1993, and they are based in Singapore, a central business hub of Asia. Although, their customers can be found in all corners of the world.

As a worldwide supplier of hotel reservation service, they have more than 10,000 hotels worldwide in more than 400 cities. For example in USA Quantum XML Integration have hotels in more than 150 cities. In Asia, they deal with most hotel chains directly. They also have allotments for USA and Europe and confirmation can be almost instant.

Products and Services offered by Quantum XML Supplier:

Quantum XML Supplier’s competitive edge is global FIT hotel reservation service. They have also hold on their strength to provide the below land services through their travel-arm, Renaissance Travel etc.

  • Airport hotel transfers
  • FIT tour packages
  • Group tour packages
  • Incentive groups
Quantum XML Integration

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