Prime Travel XML API Integration

Prime Travel XML API Integration

Prime Travel XML API Integration

Founded in 2016, Prime Travel is a DMC organization with head office in Poland, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus. They connect with 1,250 legitimately contracted hotels from Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Poland. They support all products around the globe and provide unique accommodation and ancillary rates.

Prime Travel specializes in turkey connecting with 1250 direct hotel contracts, 90000 3rd party hotel contracts globally, 5 offices and 12 departments also they have 100 hotels on warranty contracts with competitive rates.

They also have large amount of portfolio of +1250 directly contracted properties and more than +25 countries to leading industry accomplices including on the online travel agencies (OTAs), local agencies and tour operators.

They also offer robust API Interface. They also give multi solutions framework which is stable and quick which remains around 80 Million demands every day with peaks of more than 1,000 requests for each second.

Prime Travel offers accommodation services, transfers, excursions, car rental, cruises and many others both for individuals and for organized groups.

Prime Travel XML API Integration

Technoheaven has Xml API Integration with Prime Travel who have presented brand where hotels can deal with their own costs and designations, tour operators and travel agencies can demand B2B passage and sell from their portal.

Through Prime Travel XML API integration, tour operators and travel agencies can gain access to large inventory of travel services inclusive of accommodation services, transfers, excursions and so on.

Welcome to Prime Travel XML API Integration Partner Technoheaven Website. Technoheaven offers committed assistance with standard updates related to authoritatively executed XML API. We have capacity in XML API Integration systems, including a wide scope of XML API integration from multiple XML Suppliers.

We have worked with worldwide hotel XML suppliers like Hotelbeds, Expedia, Stuba, Rooms XML, DOTW, GTA, MIKI TRAVEL, TRAVCO, RAYNA, and more.

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