Juniper XML Out

Juniper XML Out

Juniper XML Out

Juniper is an innovative tourism technology software company founded in 1996 with head offices in countries of Spain, U.S.A., UAE, Brazil, Thailand and Colombia.

Juniper is a leading technology solution provider for the Key Players in tourism industry including Destination Management Company (DMC), Tour Operators or Wholesalers, Accommodation providers, Bed Banks and Online Travel Agency (O.T.A.).

The team of professionals at Juniper has specialization in wide-ranging portfolio of services such as Travel Technology, XML Connections, Booking Engine, Reservation System, Internet Technology, Tailored made tourism solutions, tourism expertise, Reservation System and more.

Juniper has largest portfolio of over 300 xml integrations with worldwide tourism suppliers.

Travel Companies can easily track contents, allotments and prices using innovative travel technology tools from Juniper that help them automate their business processes and to optimize return on investment (ROI).

Other offerings of Juniper include Juniper Booking Engine, Cangooroo Booking Engine, Juniper Hub, Juniper Room Mapping, Juniper Vacation Packages, Juniper Web Design and more.

Juniper Booking Engine includes modules such as Hotel, Flights, Vacation Packages, Cruises, Destination Services, Groundhandling Management, Accounts, Web services, Car Hire and more.

Juniper XML Out

Technoheaven has XML Out with Juniper who has an extensive portfolio of over 200 clients worldwide in over 40 countries such as USA, Europe and Middle East.

We have Hotel API Out with Juniper who helps hotel chains and hotel suppliers to sell products and services to over 1,000 travel companies via XML.

Through Juniper XML Out, travel companies can get benefits of offering wide ranging tourism products and services in different destinations across the world.

Welcome to Juniper XML Out partner Technoheaven. Our team of experts can assist you in executing best Hotel API Out functionality for your online portal, which would grow your business manifolds. We can help travel companies with the best Juniper Hotel API Out integration.

We have Hotel API Out integration with Ctrip, Agoda, TBO Holidays, Taiba Flocks, Haoqiao, XML Travelgate and more.

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