Hotelbeds API XML Integration

Hotelbeds API XML Integration

Hotelbeds XML API Integrations

Hotelbeds is world’s leading bedbank, passing hotel settlement, trips, pass, trades and auto contracts to cross the business over the business. Hotelbeds was founded in 2001 and continued focus on globalization. It is Leisure, Travel & Tourism Company. They have headquarters in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands. Hotelbeds has specialization in Accommodation Wholesaler, Online Travel Agency, Destination Services, Travel Industry Experts, and Global Portfolio.

Hotelbeds provides more than 170,000 hotels across the world with complete distribution channels and occupancy rates. Hotelbeds is world's largest B2B seller offering 24,000 transfer routes and 18,000 activities. Hotelbeds API XML integration is greatly adaptable and this enables you to define the data you need to be shown, making it simple to consolidate information from different providers and convey travel content and data according to your way.

Hotelbeds is the best API XML integration. Over 185 countries, it distributes settlements, trades and activities. More than 140 source markets, They are dynamic world’s number one bedbank. Hotelbeds is the business to business (B2B) provider to the global travel industry.

Hotelbeds groups - GTA and Tourico Holidays are now part of it. GTA is best for online travel specialists, visit administrators, and conventional travel operators. It offer wide portfolio of accommodation options to travel industry.

Tourico Holidays is the world's quickest developing travel distribution organization. Tourico also joined the Hotelbeds Groups portfolio in June 2017.

Hotelbeds XML API Integrations

The Hotelbeds Group empowers providers of travel services distribute their offering to travel sellers globally by means of simple to utilize, advanced technology platform that expands reach, income and yield for both the supplier and the merchant. In Hotelbeds more than 60,000 B2B clients are covered over 140 global source markets.

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