Expedia EPS Rapid XML API Integration

Expedia EPS Rapid XML API Integration

Expedia EPS Rapid XML API Integration

EPS Rapid, launched in 2018, is a brand-new API Product designed by Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS).

EPS Rapid is intuitive API that offers travel companies with access to competitive rates and vast portfolio of +600,000 Expedia Group properties. Expedia EPS Rapid is quick to integrate with, allows to customize hotel bookings and delivers fast bookings for hotel business.

EPS Rapid API architecture includes EPS Geography API, EPS Shopping API, EPS Content API, EPS Booking API and Manage Booking.

EPS Rapid has more than 400,000 intelligent geography definitions, images of +13 million rich property and over 7.5 million rooms with different captions as well as 35+ property categories ranging from hotels, treehouses and chalets to resorts.

Expedia EPS Rapid is versatile, fitting to the requirements of different travel businesses and enables access to properties, region mappings, rates and more relying upon the user experience they want to offer for their customers.

Technoheaven has XML API Integration with Expedia EPS Rapid who has advanced features such as Hold & Resume, Property Collect Deposits, Cross-Sell Recommendations, Notifications, and EPS Conversations.

Expedia EPS Rapid XML API Integration

Through Expedia EPS Rapid XML API Integration, the travel businesses can gain access to a broad range of properties and competitive rates.

Welcome to Expedia Rapid XML API Integration partner Technoheaven. We offer the best Expedia EPS Rapid XML API Integration with committed assistance and standard updates related to authoritatively executed XML API.

We embrace the excellence and creativity in catering the best technology solutions for Hoteliers, travel management companies, hospitality professionals and online travel sites.

We have worked with worldwide Hotel XML API Integration suppliers like Hotelbeds, Expedia, Stuba, Rooms XML, DOTW, GTA, MIKI TRAVEL, TRAVCO, RAYNA, and more.

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