DOTW XML Supplier

DOTW XML Supplier

DOTW XML Supplier

DOTW which is known as Destination of the world is a leading B2B travel wholesaler. DOTW was established in 1993. With workplaces in key areas everywhere throughout the world backed by more than 300 multilingual experts, DOTW XML Supplier can offer in excess of 100,000 ground benefits in more than 7,500 cities globally, which are retrieved by more than 450,000 tour operators, travel operators, OTAs, aircrafts, providers, customers of travel technology firms and GDS which contain Travelport, Amadeus and Saber.

Directly DOTW XML supplier process more than 3,000 bookings worldwide every day, creating more than 2.3 million bed nights per annum. Their proprietary system ‘DOTWconnect’ was exclusively produced for travel exchange, with an aim on consistent correspondence and direct availability to client and supplier system.

The hotel API interface of DOTW helps the travel specialists and tour operators to offer highlights like hotel booking, sight-seeing packages, transfers and different exercises to the partners and to the customers. One of the most important goals of DOTW Hotel booking system is the seamless connection between the customer and the product and the relevant adaption to local technical requirements.

Destinations of the World with its latest DOTW XML / DOTW API, offers world wide travel management company to deliver end clients the inventories best rates and facilities. Technoheaven provides the best API integration for DOTW through XML with fast request response. We, your preferred Technoheaven give the integration according to your necessities.

DOTW XML Supplier

Key benefits:

  • DOTW XML Supplier is accessible for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • DOTW hotel booking system have seamless connectivity to over 160,000 hotels in more than 10,000 destinations worldwide.
  • DOTW hotel xml supplier produce real-time online booking confirmations at competitive wholesale rates.
  • DOTW XML Supplier provides detailed booking reports.
  • DOTW hotel booking system distributes up-to-date product images, descriptions, amenities, location and interactive maps.
  • DOTW XML Supplier also have multi-currency rate options.

Technoheaven is already a certified partner with DOTW XML Supplier and it has worked hard on its architecture to make fast and light. We have a strong and secure mapping with static data and it will also increase the volume of XML API integration. The technoheaven has worked with DOTW API XML Integration, with big and reputable DMC clients like Dubai, Malaysia, etc.

So, we would like to expand our heartiest welcome to everyone visiting our website and Join Us with the best XML API facility. For improvement of your XML API integration contact our expert team of Technoheaven at +91-6354997070 or you can also drop your mail at

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