Bedsonline XML API Integration

Bedsonline XML API Integration

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Bedsonline is leading booking engine and online provider of global accommodations and ancillary services for travel agencies around the world. With 40+ years of experience in the travel trade, Bedsonline is one-stop-shop for travel providing a global product portfolio of hotels, transfers, destination experiences and car rental services customized as per customer needs.

Bedsonline is 360º travel partner, provides a huge property portfolio which is locally sourced by local contracting teams to provide travel agents with best rates, global coverage, huge variety of room types and availabilities.

Bedsonline offers global product portfolio of more than 180K hotels in more than 5,000 destinations in 185 countries, 50,000+ properties in North and South America, 40,000+ properties in Asia Pacific and over 80,000 properties in Europe and Middle East. They have expansive activities portfolio which consists of 12000+ activities in over 700 destinations across 185+ countries.

They have 100% exclusive agreements in 3,000 global properties to provide guaranteed prices and availability as well as offers for travel agents. Also they have expert team of 900+ contract managers focused on direct contracting to provide them unrivaled prices for hotels, activities and transfers services.

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Travel Agents can also add options for transfers, activities and car-rental services while making an accommodation booking through integrated cross-selling tool from Bedsonline which helps them in streamlining hotel booking process, increasing productivity and building good reputation among customers.

They have a global portfolio of car rental suppliers who offer quality service with competitive prices. Also they offer travel agent with wide ranging transfer products with extra luggage service to suit the needs of customers.

Bedsonline also offers Exclusive travel agent benefits which include exclusive rates for travel agent. Also they provide tailor-made Promotions for customers by combining traveler trends with travel search, travel booking and seasonality options. Their content portfolio includes description in 29 international languages as well as 20 high quality pictures per property.

They offer most powerful travel agent booking platform which is more than 60K travel agents. This travel booking platform comes with wide variety of features such as Hotel comparison tool, Quotes creation tool, smart search tool, better value search results, extensive filters for quick search refinement, Map tool and Integrated cross-selling tool and search engine for travel agent.

60,000+ travel agents now choose integration of Bedsonline API in their travel portal to maximize booking potential and increase productivity for their business.

Technoheaven has XML API Integration with Bedsonline who is leading B2B Booking Engine, originated in Spain and has specialization in tourism, travel industry experts and travel agency.

We offer most cost effective Travel Technology Solutions for travel agent, travel agency and travel management companies through Bedsonline XML API Integration using Bedsonline API connectivity.

Beds online API allow travel agent to get best accommodation search functionality for their business by connecting them to Bedsonline system.

Technoheaven is a leading travel technology company provides an XML API Integration to the one of best online global accommodation provider – Bedsonline. We provide best Bedsonline XML API Integration for travel agent, travel agency, tour operator, hoteliers and travel management companies to help them improve hotel booking process and get more revenues.

Our team of professionals also integrates Bedsonline API in travel portal of travel agent and travel agency enabling them to provide customers with personalised and wider choice of transfers, activities and car rental services with every accommodation booking.

We provide travel agent with partial or complete Bedsonline API XML Integration according to their requirements. Bedsonline API integration is an important for the travel agents as it integrates global hotel contents acquired from worldwide hotel suppliers in their travel portal.

Through this Bedsonline XML API Integration, travel agent and travel agency can provide clients with large global hotel inventories and best hotel deals aggregate from worldwide accommodation suppliers with the help of Bedsonline API connectivity.