Apiso Virtual Credit Card Integration

Apiso Virtual Credit Card Integration

Apiso Virtual Credit Card Integration

Apiso is a Technology Company and leading provider of advance Payment Integration solutions and industry-leading open-API and web-based technologies. The company is based in Bahrain and have specialization in Virtual Credit Card, TravelTech and FinTech.

Apiso’s advanced technologies offers multi-currency B2B VCN payments services for customers and distribution partners which is easily access through multiple platforms including API and web-portal. This service can also be connected via direct integration with travel technology companies, third-party administrators in the insurance sector and Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

Apiso’s integration with multiple partners helps them to offer service such as localised virtual card issuing in worldwide markets across destinations of Middle East, Europe & Africa.

Apiso offer advanced payment integration solutions and works on setting up new standards in B2B virtual card payments which comes with multi-currency and multi-channel features.

Apiso Virtual Credit Card Solution Provider offers flexible acceptance controls to reduce miss-use, limit spending, minimize the risk of fraud and monies losses owing to non-paying suppliers, with full audit and payment administration.

Apiso Virtual Credit Card Integration

Apiso provides Integrated financial solutions which come options like prepaid and credit billing and has features such as cash-flow optimisation, attractive rebates, multi-currency payment options and credit from multiple banks.

Apiso virtual credit card solution help travel business in improving reconciliation, streamlining back-office process, acquiring strong financial control and receiving high revenues from supplier payments.

Technoheaven is integrated with Apiso Virtual Credit Card, who provides Data Feeds, Big Data, Recon and Exception Handling, Multiple Channels and Security and Acceptance Controls.

Technoheaven is leading Travel Technology Company provides best Apiso Virtual Credit Card Integration solution for travel agencies, travel agent, tour operators and travel management companies.

Technoheaven is integrated with Apiso Virtual Credit Card and helps Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Travel Management Companies to integrate Apiso virtual credit card into their online portals.

Through this Apiso Virtual Credit Card Integration, travel agencies can simplify payment process for faster and more secure transactions with buyers and suppliers and increase business revenues.