Hotelbeds Transfer API

Hotelbeds Transfer API

Hotelbeds Transfer API

Originated in Spain, HotelBeds is one of the world’s biggest Hotels Aggregators founded in 2001. They are the world’s leading Bedbank and B2B Provider connecting the world’s travel trade travel and build strong relationships with travel professionals to offer them with a large product portfolio of travel products and services including 180, 000 hotels, 24,000 transfer routes, 18,000 tickets and activities as well as connection with 400+ car rental suppliers in worldwide. Also they pass trips, hotel settlement, trades, auto contracts and pass to cross the business over the business.

Hotelbeds gathers an experienced team of over 4500 travel professionals in 60 offices across the globe supporting the vision to be the number one B2B Travel Partner. They gather 20,000+ properties (hotels and accommodations) from over 120 source markets and provide them in 185+ global countries. They have been serving global travel professionals including Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Airlines as well as Loyalty, employee & points plans.

Technoheaven has Transfer API XML Integration with Hotelbeds. We have expertise in providing best Hotelbeds Transfer XML connection for travel agent, travel agency and hoteliers. Also, we provide Hotelbeds Transfer API XML Integration according to their requirements.

We provide connection of Hotelbeds Transfer XML API in online travel portal of Travel agent, Travel agency, Hoteliers and Travel Management Company to help them automate business process to get more hotel bookings on daily basis.

Hotelbeds Transfer API

With Hotelbeds API XML Integration, hoteliers can make hotel bookings for their customers and get access to global network of 60,000 + b2b buyers including tour operators, airlines, loyalty schemes and retail travel agents in 140+ source markets worldwide.

There are many benefits of connecting Hotelbeds Transfer API in travel portal/booking engine of travel agent, travel agency, hoteliers and travel management companies. This Hotelbeds Transfer API is provide travel professionals with a set of API calls which will help them in designing a dynamic transfer website or mobile application (app).

Our expert team also helps to Integrate transfer services into existing systems or new website of travel agent and hoteliers with Hotelbeds Transfer API XML Integration service using connectivity of Hotelbeds Transfer API.

This Hotelbeds Transfer API provide operations to confirm booking and get proper details for customer so they enjoy the convenient transfer service they book.

Hotelbeds Transfer API completely cover the entire transfer booking process which includes gets data of transfer options available, transfer booking confirmation, retrieve transfer bookings and cancel bookings with Hotelbeds Transfer API XML Integration service.

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